Anmol Parande

Software Engineer, Ideator, Perpetual Learner



I’m currently a Flight Software Engineer at Astranis Space Technologies where I write embedded software for our satellites. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with an emphasis on signal processing and machine learning. In my free time, I hack together projects inspired by new things I’ve learned or problems I see in the world. I also write articles on Medium about tech and public policy.


Undergraduate: BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (2021)
Graduate: MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (2022)
Courses: Data Structures, Machine Structures, Signals and Systems, Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning, Feedback Control, Embedded Systems, Probability and Random Processes, Optimization Models in Engineering, Marketing


  • UC Berkeley Outstanding Student Instructor (2021)
  • UC Berkeley Fung Fellow (2020)
  • Berkeley EECS Honors Society (2019)
  • Congressional App Challenge Winner (2017)
  • National Merit Scholar (2017)

Latest Articles

Reflections of a Software Engineer Building Hardware

What I learned while building a Nixie Clock

Flying a Drone with Python: PID Control

An introduction to PID control and using it to control the yaw of a drone.

Flying a Drone with Python: Designing the Control System

Learn how to design control systems by seeing how I created one for the DJI Ryze Tello.

Starbucks: Coffee With a Side of AI

Starbucks is quietly revolutionizing their business with AI. Read about their various AI initiatives and how it factors into their…

Creating a Serverless REST API with GCP

What is a REST API and how can you create one with Google Cloud Functions

Embedded Linux 101

A brief introduction to embedded linux and its development ecosystem.

What Makes a Successful App Idea?

The Pros and Cons of Building a Mobile App

Real-Time Signal Processing on the Apple Watch: Counting Exercise Repetitions

Design a real-time exercise repetition counter using basic signal processing concepts.

Our Framework for Thinking About Data Privacy Is Outdated

A discussion of informed consent and why it can’t easily be used for data privacy.

Designing a Customizable, SEO-Optimized Personal Website With React + Next.JS

For the past couple of years, my personal website was been hosted on a Heroku free dyno. It was Node.JS with an Express backend and...


Follow the Leader Drone

Designed control system for the Ryze Tello drone to follow a visual reference marker in 3D space. Developed with OpenCV and multi-threaded Python

EZW Image Compression

An implementation of the Embedded Zero-Trees of Wavelet Transforms lossy image compression algorithm in Python

JSON Mapping Transform

A Ruby gem to simplify ETL pipelines by transforming an input JSON into an output based on a transformation specified in a YAML template


An anonymous, decentralized blogging platform powered by the blockchain through the Blockstack API


Cyber-physical system where the user can control a robot (Romi) by setting waypoints in augmented reality on their iPhone

March Madness with Machine Learning

Generated brackets for the March Madness college basketball tournament using Machine Learning

Viola-Jones Object Detection

Implemented the Viola-Jones algorithm based on the original research paper and published two-part tutorial on Medium

GoGreen: Carbon Tracker

A carbon footprint monitor which helps users measure and track their carbon footprint to help them improve their energy habits


Website to visualize sound data from the California Coast. Designed in collaboration with NOAA to help ocean resource managers to understand the impacts of sound in the ocean and improve impact assessments.


A spatially-aware voice-chatting web application powered by WebRTC that emulates the experience of several ongoing conversations in a physical room


An Android application which allows parents to take school photos of their students from their smartphone at a low price. Developed for seeseephoto LLC


An anti-procrastination app which helps students build time management skills by automatically constructing a homework schedule for them